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Active and Semi-Active Project Summary

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

I have now made posts about three different games and think it might be appropriate to let everyone know what the plan is with all these projects and let you know about some other projects that have come and gone or are still on their way.

Project List

Active Projects: (ordered by start date)

1. Meeple Adventure

2. Conflicting Ore'ders

3. The Next Don

4. Roasted Empire

5. Crazy Kitties

Shelved Projects:

1. My Die (is replaced by The Next Don)

2. Word Weaver

3. Fruit Traders

Completed projects:

1. Inept Recruits

Summary of Active Projects

Meeple Adventure (or Adventure of the Meeples)

This project is definitely an early work in progress, I have a very long way to go and have been wrestling with it for quite a bit. The game is going to be a dungeon crawl where the dungeon gets created as you go, drafting tiles and placing them to help advance your position or hinder your opinion. As you progress through the dungeon you'll refine your combat deck, which is a deck of cards container basic attacks of three types. Strength, Wisdom, Dexterity. This game is a long ways off and isn't quite ready for play testing yet! (no site yet!)

Conflicting Ore'ders

This project is a mining game, you can read more about this game at We are trying to refine this game and improve upon it. This game was made with in conjunction with Jeremy Lounds. More to come on these changes!

The Next Don

This project I am hoping will be my first kickstarted project. I have hired an artist to redo the art work for this game. This game I kept most people in the dark about as I created the first version using images of my family members and gifted it to my family for Christmas. The Next Don is a Mafia themed version of My Die. I am still iterating on certain aspects of the game as the art trickles in. You can find information about My Die here, as it was my social deduction contest entry. I am hoping to make the next version of this game have 2 different play styles, advanced and simple, simple will be nearly identical to what you see in the My Die shop page, and advanced will have some extra mechanisms to increase the action. Updates will be continuing to flow in on this game, hopefully will get a version on Tabletop Simulator before long!

Roasted Empire

This project is the first of my two 2020 contest entries. I believe the game is contest ready and I am currently working on adding videos, you can see my previous post regarding the How To Play video and there will be a Play Through video on the way soon! Check out the details at This game his heavy on the strategy but quick to play! I hope to play it with you someday soon either in person or on Tabletop Simulator. This game has received a lot of positive reviews and I may consider kick starting it in the future. Currently working on some expansion ideas.

Crazy Kitties

This project is the second of my two 2020 contest entries and was a result of not having created a great family game and being inspired by a family game night. Crazy Kitties is fast and furious and a ton of fun for all ages. Check it out at

Summary of Completed and Shelved Projects

My Die

This project has been replaced by The Next Don. See the above information

Word Weaver

This project was met with mixed reviews, it is a very challenging story telling game that really makes people step outside their comfort zone. I am unsure if I will ever dig this concept back up again or not.

Inept Recruits

This project is completed! You can buy a copy from me as I still have a good number left, or order a copy from The Game Crafter.

Well, that is it for now! Check back in soon, next post will hopefully be the Play Through video for Roasted Empire.

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